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Quelton | Handmade bikinis

Quelton Gift Card

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  • Descripción
  • What color, model or size do I choose? We know that it is a difficult decision (and even more so when you do not buy for yourself). At Quelton we make it very easy for you. Send this card to the person you want to give as a gift and that's it! Let her choose her favorite bikini.

    When you have purchased the card we will contact you to give you the discount code with the selected amount (in this case, 50 euros). Do not forget to leave your email or that of the person you are giving as a gift in the order details when making the purchase. If it is a surprise, keep in mind that you will receive it at the same time that the order is completed.


    * The selected card is valid for all products on the web (including the Quelton Lab experience to personalize the bikini).

    * It does not have an expiration date and you can use it on purchases of greater or lesser value than the amount charged.

    * In case of return of the bikini, the money will be refunded and a discount code will be created again for the next purchase. The money loaded on the card is not returned.

    * Custom bikinis are not returned or exchanged for another.