Color Block: ¿Qué es y cómo vestirlo?

Color Block: What is it and how to wear it?

During these last months we are constantly hearing about the "Color Block" but really know what it is and how colors are combined to choose the best outfit? It's trending! If you don't know, find out in this article.

What is Color Block?

We can define it as a key tool when dressing. In spring and summer the brightest colors take over our closet and help us transmit dynamism, energy, taste and creativity.
This trend consists of using and playing with colors to create the perfect outfit, always trying to avoid patterns (if possible) to give colors the leading role and to enhance them.

What is the origin of the Color Block?

To talk about the origin of this trend, we refer to the graphics of the 60s and to talk about the way in which color was conceived during these years, we first have to talk about the way in which it was used in art.

The nature of "color blocks", the fact of using the color itself as a solid block, is closely related to the work of two authors, especially in the 40s and 50s: Mark Rothko and Piet Mondrian .

Without going into too much detail, his abstract paintings are characterized by the use of certain precise colors in blocks: for example, the paintings are limited to two or three solid colors, such as yellow and orange, which also give the painting its character. single colored. Titles, as in the case of Rothko.

One of Mark Rothko's most famous works:

Of the two artists, the one most associated with fashion is probably Mondrian. His compositions on white canvas, black lines and squares of blue, yellow and red are engraved on our retinas. Designer Yves Saint Laurent made a collection of dresses for the Fall/Winter 1965 season that continues to have an impact today. They are seamless wool pieces inspired by the paintings of the Dutch artist and his geometric sense.

Some of Yves Saint Laurent's Mondrian-inspired designs:

Tips to wear the color block in your looks

Here are some tips so you can create the best outfits with the Color Block trend:

  • Use opposite or complementary colors. To find out which colors go best with each other, you can use a color wheel and draw a straight line to find the two opposite colors. For example, you can combine yellow with purple or red and green.


  • Choose plain clothes. Remember that your look will stand out for its color composition, so we don't need patterns. The smoother and simpler your clothes are, the better.

  • Neutral accessories. The ideal in this trend is to use few (or no) accessories, and if you do, try to make them as neutral as possible. We recommend the use of those that are metallic or black.

Design your bikini according to this trend!

Now that you know how this trend works, you can design your bikini at Quelton Lab with Color Block. Do you dare? These are the fabrics we have chosen for this season:

Remember to use a color wheel to be able to identify opposite colors. Live the experience and become a designer for a day. I hope you liked the article. See you soon!