GOOGLE, How do you make bikinis by hand with a simple sewing machine?

Quelton is a company run by my twin sister and me. We are two young entrepreneurs who have followed our instincts to make our dream come true: to create a fashion company and brand. Together, we take care of everything from the search and purchase of material, to the design, pattern making, tailoring and logistics of our orders. All this together with digital marketing and social media management for customer acquisition and brand enhancement.

From the great team of Quelton, we want to convey the importance of small details and what they can represent. These little things transmit who we are and therefore, become a way to present ourselves to the world. We define ourselves as "Two twins eager to revolutionize the world".

Being two and getting along so well, we have had enough courage to embark on this great adventure from which we are learning a lot. If we hadn't been twins, we probably wouldn't be doing today what we love most: fashion and business. We share the tasks to achieve the best results.

Ángela Queraltó: She is pure dedication, passion and energy for the project. She has very clear ideas and is always one step ahead. When a problem arises, she knows how to deal with it perfectly.

Reyes Queraltó: She is very creative, a fighter and very stubborn. She is not afraid of risk, all this combined with the ambition to achieve our dream. She has the craziest ideas and that's why sometimes she needs Ángela to bring some sense to the team.

We believe in creativity and originality, two very important values to change the world. We believe that very few people have the power to inspire, but if you have made it this far, you are one of them. That's why we make bikinis by hand and offer our customers the possibility to be themselves and design them as they wish.

Many people ask us how we came up with the idea or what was the motivation to create our brand and the truth is that since we were little we have loved fashion and entrepreneurship. From our family, with more than 120 years in the business world, we have inherited the value of effort and sacrifice, they have always supported and motivated us to follow our dreams and do what we love. Our parents repeat: "Work, perseverance and passion" are the keys to success.

We count on the help, from the technological, logistic and trust point of view, of the company Grupo R Queraltó: Professionals of health supplies and clinical furniture. It is a family business founded more than 120 years ago, and has not stopped growing to become a digital soul and leaders in e-commerce in healthcare (B2B and B2C).
It was a boring day during the forties (2020) when we took out my mom's sewing machine and started sewing a skirt, little by little, we were learning by ourselves (getting it wrong thousands of times) until we came up with the idea of making our own bikini with some we already had around the house. We uploaded them to our instagram account and due to the success, we decided to continue with the project.

Thank you so much for reading us!
Quelton ❤️