Cómo saber en 3 pasos si eres una persona fría o cálida

How to know in 3 steps if you are a cold or warm person

Since we began our adventure in the world of fashion, there are many messages that you send us saying What color suits me best? It's just that I've read that if you're blonde they favor some and if you're brunette others and our answer is always the same, the one that suits you best.

Many of you feel that we do not really answer the question, therefore, today we will talk about the two types of skin according to the tone: warm or cold. Next, we will reveal some steps to find out if you are a warm or cold person. Read on!


Step 1: Look in your jewelry box
Open your jewelry box or think about your favorite piece of jewelry. Here quantity matters more than quality, which color predominates the most? If the answer is gold, dear reader, you are a warm person, while if silver predominates, you are a cold person.

Step 2: Look at your veins
You just have to look at your forearm and see if the veins are bluish or greenish. If these resemble the color of the sky, you are a cold person, otherwise, I must tell you that you are a warm person.

Step 3: Look at your clothes
In general, people who are cold tend to use these colors in their clothes as they highlight their facets when they try on clothes, while people who are warm would opt for colors like yellow or orange when choosing a dress. garment.

Still not clear?

If you are still not clear or we have not expressed ourselves clearly, we leave you this Tiktok video where it is explained visually ( click here to watch the video ) Find out what kind of person you are!

As you can see, the subconscious already guides us to choose the range of colors that best suits us. These are not exact rules, just tips that can help you get the most out of it. And you, what are you warm or cold?
See you in the next post!