Guía práctica para estar morena en invierno

Practical guide to be brown in winter

Tan flatters everyone, but for those of us who don't live in the Canary Islands or another beach paradise like that, it's almost impossible to be tanned during the winter months. Today we bring you one selection of products and tips so that you can achieve it without having to take a plane and spend all day on the beach sunbathing. Pay attention!

First step: Prepare the skin

There are creams, lotions and even wipes that we can use to self-tan the skin without the need to sunbathe and with which we can achieve a very natural caramel-colored result and not orange.

To get the best finish, it is very important that Let's prepare the skin . The first thing we have to do is exfoliate it and for this we recommend that you use a exfoliating sponge and a body scrub. You can find it in any store or supermarket near your home. Our favorites are these from Mercadona:
Mercadona exfoliating sponge
Mercadona body scrubs
Exfoliation is recommended to be done when you get out of the shower when the skin is clean. If you already use self-tanner, it is recommended that before using it again you exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin and excess. It is also important that to exfoliate the face you use a face scrub and not a body scrub.

Second step: Choose the self-tanner

As we have mentioned before, there are many self-tanners or fake tans in different formats such as mousse, body lotion or wipes. They can be progressive self-tanners (little by little you see the result) or instantaneous (you'll be brown overnight). Our favorites without a doubt are:


ST. Moriz - Self-tanner in Mousse format
It is advisable to apply it with a glove or applicator so that it does not leave stains on the hands that are later difficult to apply. This self-tanner has a quick effect and leaves a caramel skin tone very similar to what we usually have in summer. You can find it at Primor or Amazon. Highly recommended!
Tanning Wipes
Easy-to-apply wipes that you should apply to the areas where you want to tan. The product is transparent and that is why we recommend marking a guide on the skin so as not to forget the areas and so that it remains uniform. Don't forget to wash your hands with soap and water after using them. The tone that we obtain is not as natural as the previous product but it is also highly recommended. You can find them in Primor or Mercadona.
Self-Tanning Facial Serum
Although you can use the above products to self-tan your face, it is advisable to use a specific one for this area of ​​the body (especially those with acne-prone or sensitive skin). If you want an instant effect, apply the product directly to the face evenly and if you want a less intense effect, mix your moisturizer with several drops of the product.

Third step: How to apply it

As we mentioned above, it is highly recommended wear gloves or wash your hands very well after applying the product so that there are no remains in areas that we do not want. Also, if you use an application pattern, there will be no areas without the product and it will look more beautiful later.
For a more uniform finish, it is recommended make circles while applying the product and blend when we reach the hands, feet or neck. In case you have any questions, we leave you a video explaining how it is applied and the effect of our favorite self-tanner. Thank you very much for reading!