As we always say at Quelton, what we wear is a way of presenting ourselves to the world and that's why we don't make bikinis, we make personalities . The first image people have of us is what we wear, our gestures, the way we speak...etc. That is why today we help you choose the colors that best suit you according to your hair color, eyes and how the sun reacts with your skin . Are you going to miss it?


According to experts, a warm person is considered to be one who has yellowish skin . They are those people who have light tones (such as white with freckles and ivory), medium (light beige or pink) and dark (beige, tan or gold).
As for the eyes , warm people usually have them in turquoise blue, green and some shades of amber or honey until they reach dark brown. We can find warm hair with shades from the most golden blonde to the deepest red , passing through shades of chestnut, dark brown and reddish rays.
The colors that best fit warm people are: orange, beige, brown, mustard, military green, coral, salmon, sand, gold and copper . The tones that it is recommended to avoid are those very bright colors, pinks, blue, purple and gray.


A cold person is considered to be one who has more pink, bluish or greenish skin . We can find light tones (such as porcelain white, pale or pinkish beige), medium (neutral beige, greenish brown or olive skin) or darker browns (dark brown).
As for the eyes , we find colors from the grayest to ice blue , passing through those grayish greens, browns, very dark browns and blacks. The hair of warm people is usually ash without traces of golden or coppery rays, but we also find more bluish tones going from the most platinum blonde to black or gray.
The colors that are best for cold people are: purple, pink, blue, red, green, silver, rose gold and pastel shades . It is said that shades of orange, beige, brown, mustard, army green and sand should be avoided.


All colors have an associated meaning and that is why the ones we use on a daily basis say a lot about our internal sensations and emotions. Many times we feel more comfortable with some colors and we look better with them on. Naturally, each person has their own color palette defined by different factors that highlight our natural beauty.
To identify the colors that best suit you , you should look for a corner of your house where it has the most natural light (for example, near a window), in this way the analysis will be better.
Next, take two basic t-shirts from your closet: one white and one beige (or one in a yellowish tone if you don't have one). In front of your mirror, place the white and beige shirt at the same time and identify which of the two makes your face look brighter.
  • If your skin lights up more with beige, you are a warm person . Any color that has a yellowish base or has yellow in it will flatter you.

  • If your skin looks much brighter and softens the spots on your face with white, you are a cold person . The colors that favor you the most are those that are considered cool colors and have blue or white at their base.


To enhance and highlight your face, it is recommended that you use these colors close to your face . For example, wearing blouses, earrings, tops or dresses from your color palette. You have to choose the right color for the garment to which you are going to draw attention.
When designing and personalizing your bikini , we recommend that you use the colors according to your color palette and the advice that we have given you previously. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to ask us. We will help you choose the colors that best suit you!
Thank you very much for reading us!

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